Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's the Day

Today's the day, team. Today is the day I start my blog. It's been a long journey, but it's finally here. I'll start by answering the questions you all (and by "you all", I mean "you, Mom!") have been dying to ask.

1. What's here??
My blog!

2. Why has it been a long journey?
Back in September, my roommates and I were watching TV. Our TV was, to say the least, a beloved 7th roommate. She was always there to give advice (Dr. Drew), provide entertainment (the Kardashians), help us pick out outfits (Stacy and Clinton), and teach life lessons (Oprah, or, as we drew closer and closer to graduating from college, The Real World). And, like a roommate, there were parts of her we loved, and parts of her we hated. Most people hated commercials.

3. How does this relate to anything?
 I never hated commercials. In fact, I LOVE commercials. And I certainly have opinions on them. But my roommates grew tired of me critiquing every single one. They didn't share my passion for a well-crafted commercials, or my hatred for the low budget carpet cleaning commercials (low budget doesn't have to mean terrible!) So, as one tends to do when they have opinions that no one cares about, I made a twitter account! And of course, fell in love with it, and even built up a small follower base, but that's a different story.

4. If you could say anything to Twitter, what would it be?
Dear Twitter, I love you. I really do. Every answer I've ever gotten right at Tuesday Night Pub Trivia was because of you. But, 140 characters is really not enough to express my deepest, most heartfelt opinions on the state of our current TV commercials. So I'm switching to blogging!

5. Why didn't you switch to blogging earlier?
I'm embarrassed to answer this one, but I will. I couldn't think of a title. I still don't even like this title. It's been months since I wanted to start this blog, but did you know, you CAN'T start a blog without a title. Every time I tried, I couldn't think of a title as quickly as I could write about my commercial opinions. But my thoughts were bubbling up inside me and I couldn't take it any more. So, with a lacking title, here I go. My blog. It starts today.

Now that I've explained myself, now that I've slayed the dragon that is a blog title, I can write my first post! Choosing the perfect first topic is another daunting task, but it's one that I will take on tomorrow.

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